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Effort to recall LA Councilman Kevin De Leon ends; one proponent says they’ll refile in January

An effort to recall Los Angeles City Councilman Kevin De Leon, in response to his handling of the homelessness crisis, was terminated late last week, after one of the proponents decided to step back from the effort.
Another proponent of the recall effort said they planned to refile with the City Clerk’s Office to resume their recall petition.
“The petition was withdrawn because one of our opponents decided that they needed to step out of this,” said Pauline Adkins, one of the proponents who still supports the effort.
Adkins said she and others plan to replace the person who stepped down so they’ll have the five sponsors needed to move forward with a recall petition.
“We’re going to refile in January, and we’re going stronger than ever,” she said, adding that she expects their new petition to be accepted immediately, “so this is far from over — just a little detour to re-strategize.”
The City Clerk’s Office issued an update on Friday, Nov. 12, of ongoing measures and petitions that indicated the De Leon recall had been terminated.
Jinny Pak, manager for the Elections Division, confirmed the recall effort has officially ended. They said it occurred after their office “received an email from the lead proponent on November 12, that they’d be terminating the current effort to recall Councilmember De Leon.”
Pak also said that a petition may be open to challenges, once it is filed, if someone no longer lives in a district, or requests to withdraw as a proponent.
De Leon released a statement Monday, saying “this misguided recall effort failed because voters refused to allow the recall process to be weaponized to subvert the electoral process and overturn election results.”
“Residents recognize the real work that we’re doing to address homelessness, develop affordable housing and clean up our district,” De Leon’s statement said. “If anything, this experience demonstrates why our recall process needs to be changed so that we don’t continue to enable this kind of political exploitation in the future at the expense of taxpayers.”
De Leon represents the 14th council district, which includes downtown Los Angeles, Boyle Heights, El Sereno, Glassell Park, Eagle Rock and Highland Park. The city is undergoing a redistricting process that would shift council lines by January, with the council last week backing a draft map that would keep most of the district as-is.
The recall proponents launched on July 20. They had been under a deadline to submit signatures by Dec. 14. They had been expected to gather 20,613 signatures from qualified, registered voters, which represents 15% of the total such voters in the 14th council district.
Proponents said in their “statement of reason” that De Leon “came to Eagle Rock promising to help with the homeless situation,” and is planning to put in a “pallet houses” shelter in their area. “You must cease and desist” the proponents’ statement said.

The statement said that “this is not a Republican/Democrat issue, these are crimes against humanity. It is a fact that the homeless problem has gotten worst since last October when de Leon took office. The homeless run the streets of Eagle Rock and our police are powerless to protect the community.”
De Leon opened up 117-unit “tiny homes” site, a temporary shelter location, in Highland Park in November. He recently was appointed by Council President Nury Martinez to head the council’s Homelessness and Poverty Committee.
A statement that served as the official answer against the petition, from or on the behalf of De Leon, described the recall effort as being launched by “a handful of 5 individuals, most of them political extremists.”
The statement added: “This misguided recall is an attack on the democratic process and the residents of CD 14 who made their voices heard loud and clear in last year’s election by overwhelmingly electing Kevin De Leon as their council member.”
The answer also states that De Leon has placed unhoused people into housing and authored a plan to create more housing units.
The De Leon recall effort came amid several others including one launched against 11th district councilman, Mike Bonin. Proponents submitted petition signatures to the City Clerk’s Office last week, for verification before it can qualify to be considered by the City Council.
Another recall effort that entered the signature-gathering phase, to oust 4th District Councilwoman Nithya Raman, was ended back in September, after the campaign said they were unable to get enough signatures by their Nov. 4 deadline.

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